Custom Piano Shell Manufacture UK

We specialise in making bespoke piano shells for stage use – allowing the on-stage presence of an acoustic instrument to be combined with the pure sound of a digital piano. We offer various levels of finish and realism, depending on needs and budget. We can retro-fit electronic keybed assemblies seamlessly into existing acoustic instruments, or build entire cabinets from scratch to house your existing synth or digital piano.

We can finish in coloured laminates or gloss paints as required. Gloss piano black is also available.  Give us a call to discuss your needs – tell us what you want, and we’ll build it!

Naturally a full flightcasing service is also available in-house.

Will Young piano shell white laminate
Snow Patrol piano shell satin black
Editors piano shell gloss black
Yamaha P150 installed in vintage upright piano case
Kawai MP8 being installed in brand new grand piano