PA & Speaker Hire – Musical Equipment Rentals London

Matt Snowball Music can cover a whole range of requirements – from a house party DJ system to live band showcases and gigs. We’re conveniently located in Central London and have 20 years’ experience in selecting just the right equipment for your needs. Festivals, product launches, after show parties – you name it, we’ve done it already. Below are some of our standard PA hire packages. We can tailor to your needs – just let us know what they are.

Small PA Hire

Standard packages just right for smaller events, parties etc. We can always customize these with extra stuff if you need it. Just ask.

Larger PA Systems Hire

Amp racks, Bi-amp wedge systems, Multicores, FOH and monitor desks, specialist mics, equalizers, gates, compressors, cabling. We can either dry-hire individual items, or deliver a complete system with experienced operators. Your call.

Radio Mic Rental

We stock top-range Shure UHF transmitters and receivers. Beta 58 and 87 mics, lapel / headset mics, guitar packs, sax mics and all the other accessories you need.

In-Ear Monitoring

We stock the very best professional in-ear monitors from Sennheiser and Shure to ensure you can hear what’s going on around you on stage. Lots in stock and ready to go

Need To Hire? Get In Touch…

Call Phil or Adam to discuss your rental needs on +44 (0)20 7700 6555 or email

PA & Speaker Hire London - Musical Equipment Rentals UK, Europe
PA & Speaker Rentals London - Musical Equipment Hire UK, Europe
PA & Speaker Hire London - Musical Equipment Rentals for UK, Europe & Worldwide Tours