Tour Supplies Shop London, UK

Matt Snowball Music’s Tour Supplies Shop carries more actual stock of essential accessories and spares than just about anyone else in the UK. Open seven days a week, our London store can supply you with all those last-minute necessities and extras you need to get ready for a performance or tour. From Gaffa tape to guitar strings – you name it, we’ll almost certainly have it to hand.

Our keen pricing reflects our buying power, and we’re confident that our customer service and attention to detail are second to none – we really do try harder.

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If you don’t immediately see what you require in the list below, just get in touch. If we haven’t got it – we’ll find it for you. Call Kent Jolly to discuss your tour supply needs on +44 (0)20 7700 6555 or email

Tour Supplies In Stock. If We Don't Have It - We'll Find It!

Adhesive tape: PVC insulating tape, Gaffa tape (all types, sizes and colours), double-sided tape, self-adhesive velcro.
Adhesives: Superglue, contact adhesive, epoxy, spray adhesive.
Bass strings: D’Addario, Elites, Ernie Ball, Rotosound.
Batteries: Duracell Procell AAA, AA, C, D, PP3. Rechargeables, lithium.
Cases: SKB cases for guitars, rack units, keyboards etc. HardCase moulded cases for drums, cymbals, traps etc. Hiscox Liteflite Cases for most guitars and basses. Soft bags and cases. Peli cases
Connectors: XLR, Jack , mini jack, phono, 13A , IEC, 16A CeeForm, Powercon, Speakon, USA Edison
Drum Accessories: maracas, tambourines, drum keys, beaters, felts, Hot Rods, O-rings, snare wires, stick bags, brushes, cowbells, lug bolts, Moon Gel, kick pads, cymbal cleaner, castanets, hand bells.
Drum Hardware: DW, Yamaha, Pearl, Gibraltar.
Drum Heads: Remo Ambassador, Diplomat, Ebony, Emperor, Pinstripe, Powerstroke, CS Dot. Aquarian, Evans.
Drum Sticks: Vic Firth, Regal Tip, Zildjian, ProMark.
• Ear plugs: Yellow foam, Hearos, Etymotic Research.
Flight Cases: guitar and bass cases, briefcase and tool cases. Any case large or small made to order
Flight Case Hardware: Rack drawers, sliding trays, blanking panels, handles, catches, castors.
Guitar Accessories: Capos: Shubb, Kyser, Jim Dunlop. Guitar tuners: Boss, Korg, Peterson. Bottleneck slides, cleaners, polishes, polishing cloths, graphite powder, guitar straps, machine heads, plectrums, spare hardware, strap buttons, strap locks, string winders.
Guitar Strings: D’Addario, DR, Elites, Ernie Ball, GHS, Gibson, Martin, Monopole, Rotosound, Savarez.
Leads/Cables/Cords: instrument, microphone, midi, insert, patch, mains, speaker. Off the shelf, or custom made-to-order service.
Maglite Torches: AAA,AA,C,D, in a range of colours and finishes. Spare bulbs and other accessories.
Media: DAT Tapes , Zip cartridges, Mini Discs, CD-R’s, cassette tapes, ADAT tapes, floppies, DA88 tapes, Jaz cartridges, Syquest cartridges.
Microphones: We keep a large stock of Shure mics. All other makes available to order. Clips and adaptors, stands, pop shields, replacement grilles.
Misc: Record deck cartridges and styli. Switch cleaning solutions. DI boxes, AB boxes, Line Isolators and Y-split boxes.
Pedals: Effects, distortion, footswitches, power supply units, volume pedals. We stock Boss, MXR, Electro-Harmonix, RAT, Morley, Vox, Ernie Ball, Jim Dunlop.
Pens: Chinagraphs, Sharpie permanent markers, biros, fine marker pens.
Stands: Quiklok Stands for keyboards, guitars, amps and speakers. Proel micstands and speaker stands. XCG guitar stands. Ultracase stands.
Tools: Leatherman multi-tools, screwdrivers, allen keys, pliers, cutters, Roadie-Wrench, soldering irons, tape measures, drill bit sets.
Valves: EL34, 6550, 6L6, 12AX7, ECC82, ECC83 and many more specialist.

Tour Supplies Shop London, UK
Tour Supplies Shop London, UK
Kent Jolly: If You Need It On Tour - We Supply It!
Tour Supplies Shop London, UK