Percussion Hire – From London Backline Rental Specialists

A full range of professional stage percussion is available from rental stock. Congas of various shapes, colours, & sizes. Timbales, Bongos, and all sorts of handheld odds & ends.

All items are available flightcased ready for transport. Take a look at the list below -if you don’t see what you need, get in touch – we’ve probably got it somewhere!

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Percussion Hire London - Backline Rentals UK, Europe
Congas / Bongos / Timbales
LP Bongos
LP Classic Congas
LP Galaxy Congas
LP Patato Congas
LP Timbalitos
LP Tito Puente Timbales
Meinl Congas
Musser Vibraphone
Ddrum Bass Drum Trigger
Roland KD-7 Trigger
Roland PAD-80 Octapad II
Roland SPD-8 Percussion Pad
Roland SPD-11 Percussion Pad
Roland SPD-S
Yamaha SKRM100 Sub Kick
Jam Block
LA Percussion Box
LP Percussion Table
LP Agogo Bell
LP Bar Chimes/Windchimes/Mark Tree
LP Bell Tree
LP Black Shaker
LP Cabasa
LP Claves
LP Cowbells
LP Everything Rack
LP Granite Blocks
LP Rainmaker
LP Shake-it
LP Shekere
LP Super Guiro
LP Vibra-slap
LP Woodblock
Remo 16" Djembe
Rhythm Tech Maracas
Tambourine, half moon, black
Various Handheld Percussion